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Publicist’s pointers to unattached starlets: won’t big date John Mayer

Publicist’s pointers to unattached starlets: won’t big date John Mayer

Jessica Simpson’s family ‘horrified’ by John Mayer’s Perez Hilton lip-lock

Perez Hilton recall when he made out with John Mayer in brand new e-book

Scheana Shay says she was in a ‘throuple’ with John Mayer, ‘Hills’ alum Stacie Adams

John Mayer’s newest unmarried “New Light” could possibly be popular — hitting number 7 on Billboard’s Hot stone audio data — but per insiders, he’s nevertheless a large neglect among single A-listers.

“I would determine feamales in Entertainment to avoid him or her,” explained one star publicist. “He’s manipulative. He’s a track record . . . plus it’s better to workouts care the treatment of anybody exactly who kisses and says to.”

Without doubt Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Aniston would recognize. Both female dated the crooner, right now 40, simply to staying openly used up as he consequently taught the media about their interaction.

“we dont think’s a really honorable move to make but think it is hurtful,” believed the publicist. “I’m certain women are most cautious after seeing just what he’s complete.”

Despite the thing that taking place not too long ago, Mayer’s really been on a sheepish apology visit recently, complaining on his brand-new single that he’s “pushing 40 when you look at the good friend area,” and lamenting to pal Andy Cohen on a recently available bout of Bravo’s “Watch What occurs real time” that he’s personality low grata some of the Hollywood snobs.

“You have got most good friends who, without one, would want nothing to do with myself,” Mayer considered Cohen. “You’re relatives with Jennifer Lawrence, whom merely does not want anything to do with me. Look, I don’t get the world’s greatest record in relation to famous person affairs . . .

Jessica Simpson and John Mayer in WireImage

“Dating John Mayer at this point is conceptually simply sort of a no-no,” Mayer continuous, through the 3rd guy.

The singer only has himself saying thanks to for his own less-than-glowing name.

In a March 2010 interview with Playboy, this individual dished that Simpson, who he or she out dated from got “like break cocaine in my experience.”

“Sexually it had been outrageous,” this individual instructed the mag of Simpson (via Billboard). “It was like napalm, sexual napalm. Do you actually ever declare, ‘I would like to quit my life and simply f–kin’ snort an individual? Should you charged me $10,000 to f–k your, I would personally beginning promoting all my personal s–t in order to hold f–king a person.’”

“She spotted our connection in technology as courting interruption,” Mayer told Playboy. “And I always stated, ‘These will be the latest guides.’ ”

24 months afterwards, Mayer nonetheless haven’t taught his own example, asking moving material in Summer 2012 that Taylor Swift’s solitary “Dear John” was actually “cheap songwriting best Sugar Momma Sites dating site.”

“It’s mistreating the skills to rub both hands together and run, ‘Wait till the guy brings a lot of these!’ ” said Mayer, whom out dated Immediate temporarily. “That’s bulls – – t.”

Another annum, this individual published “Paper Doll,” ostensibly about Swift.

Without doubt, Mayer’s apperance and sweet-tasting sound got possible for lots of females to forget about his own huge mouth.

“the man utilized to take his own ex-girlfriends to GoldBar — contains Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz, Katy Perry and Jessica Simpson. Regarding the off nights that he can be found in solamente, the guy never placed solo,” publicist for nyc spot, Steve Kasuba, told The blog post.

But after his or her back-to-back Playboy and moving Stone meeting gaffe, Mayer made an effort to run away within the limelight — heading as far as to transfer to Montana. He’s also been exploring with inactive & vendor, the most recent type of the Grateful lifeless. Nevertheless glare provides adopted him or her, as stated in music insiders.

“I’m sure a widely known singer that was talking about his or her own career and shouted on: ‘we dont wish to develop into John Mayer! See how it happened to him. He had commit get in on the pleasant inactive because he talked an excessive amount about all his or her widely known ex-girlfriends,’ ” recalled one musical bigwig.

“They ended referfing to their songs and launched referring to his or her profile and ex-girlfriends and personal life. That’s a criminal activity if you’re a musician.”

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