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Is my “Made in Germany” (or West Germany) SIG Really German?

Is my “Made in Germany” (or West Germany) SIG Really German?

Often, in firearms-related online forums and social networking teams like SIG Sauer Legion Facebook cluster, I’ll start to see the conditions “West German SIG” and “German SIG” put interchangeably. I’ll additionally read weapons referred to as “German-made” when that may maybe not in fact function as the situation. Some owners erroneously (but innocently) assume that a P-Series SIG Sauer with “Made in Germany” stamped about slip, or a-frame etched “Frame Made in Germany” is no distinct from a pistol with “Made in W. Germany” stamped from the fall — whenever that single dads dating apps is really far from the truth.

There are a number of differences between SIGs manufactured in Germany (or western Germany) vs. those fashioned with section produced in Germany and assembled in the usa. Those variations rely upon which types we’re getting pertaining to. For a discussion on variations in the P226 unit, eg, check-out my personal P226 variation record and Head-to-Head Comparison video. Regarding if or not those differences generate one variation a lot better than others try a point of argument… best remaining to conversation community forums and fb communities. There’s no denying, however, that SIG fans generally tend to obtain “true” German and specifically West German SIGs rather a lot more collectible and desirable, and therefore a brief overview of how-to differentiate various SIGs considering their real provenances may be useful.

“Made in W. Germany” SIGs

Switzerland might have big parmesan cheese, candy, and pouch knives, however their strict laws and regulations significantly reduce capacity of Swiss enterprises to export firearms. Very Swiss organizations wanting to offer items away from Switzerland could work surrounding this regulation by partnering with a non-Swiss providers. Very in early 1970s, SIG (which got its emails from Schweizerische Industriegesellschaft — meaning “Swiss business Company”) combined with a West Germany-based Sauer & Sohn, who had been recognized for her top quality looking rifles, while the SIG Sauer partnership was given birth to. Their own very first shared task got the SIG P220, which founded in 1975. In advance of their particular relationship with Sauer, SIG had previously developed the SIG P210 for any Swiss military, therefore the two enterprises built upon the axioms in the SIG P210 when it comes to SIG P220, which they planned to export.

Because Sauer & Sohn’s manufacturing facility was based out of Eckernforde, West Germany, all firearms made at this establishment received a “MADE IN W. GERMANY” stamp on the slip:

Early western German SIG P220 with “Made in W. Germany” stamped from the slide

The above design also were imported to your everyone by SIGARMS INC. in Tysons place, VA, the original 1985 area of SIG Sauer’s everyone operations — which in turn comprised merely of importing and offering the West German-made weapons.

In most cases, the “MADE IN W. GERMANY” stamp appears in uppercase, but there are types of the stamp appearing in title instance, as with this 1988 SIG P226:

1988 SIG P226 with “Made In W. Germany” stamped on slide

This delivers united states into the important rule for identifying a West German SIG: when it does not bring “MADE IN W. GERMANY” (or “Made In W. Germany”) stamped throughout the slide, it’s some thing except that an “outright” western German weapon. Whether it simply says “MADE IN GERMANY,” it is maybe not a-west German SIG, and it also’s inaccurate to refer to it these types of.

Beginning of the expression “Made in Germany”

This is a good destination to just take a quick stop and explain the origin in the term “Made in Germany,” as it’s probably not how you feel, and you also may well not also believe it.

In 1879, Otto von Bismarck, basic Chancellor of Germany, brought up import tariffs on all overseas goods getting into Germany so that you can shield German providers by keeping the values regarding goods cheaper compared to foreign merchandise (governing bodies nonetheless do that form of items today). Because of this security, the German manufacturing market became quickly, and German stores started growing their unique exports throughout the industries of Europe. Because British-made goods had been considered the highest quality at the time, German merchants routinely designated and packed their particular items wrongly — attempting to pass them down as British-made.

This means it absolutely was Britain that actually created the word “Made in Germany,” and pushed German stores to utilize it avoiding counterfeiting.

As time proceeded, German-made items fundamentally constructed their particular worldwide reputation for quality and trustworthiness, making sure that now the phrase “Made in Germany” was a level of superiority, even though the term isn’t trademarked or subject to any main regulating institution.

The phrase “Made in Germany” was still popular also on West German items from 1945 until 1973, if the western German Federal Court ( Bundesgerichtshof ) produced a ruling that the phrase “Made in Germany” does not let customers to correctly differentiate between the two Germanys of that time, therefore “Made in West Germany” (including “Made in GDR”) started to appear as an alternative. For just how as soon as they transitioned returning to “Made in Germany,” particularly in possible of SIG Sauer pistols, you’ll need to continue reading discover!

Proof Scars and Go Out Requirements

Another way to diagnose a-west German SIG is the existence of verification scars and time codes, though her life by yourself will not instantly discover a pistol’s provenance. Even if German evidence marks and day rules create appear on the firearm, it’s nonetheless perhaps not correct to mention to it as an outright western German SIG whether or not it’s missing the “MADE IN W. GERMANY” in the slide.

An entire discussion of SIG Sauer Proof markings and date rules warrants a unique article, therefore I moved forward and blogged one. You can easily just take some slack from this post and read it today, or give it a look whenever you’re completed because of this one. It clarifies the foundation of verification scars, just what “proofing” was and why it is crucial… and in addition dispels a few of the Internet misconceptions close SIG verification marks in particular.

But the TL;DR type of that post would be that verification scars show in which and how a firearm got examination fired and proclaimed not harmful to utilize, and all bonafide western German SIGs will have one evidence tag showing in which it absolutely was tested, another proof mark showing what kind of test it passed, and a two-letter time signal stamped on “chin” in the fall, as with this 1989 SIG P226:

Proof marks and go out rule on a 1989 West German SIG P226

With respect to the firearm design and classic, it is also feasible observe the transaction in the verification markings swapped, like with this 1977 SIG P220:

Proof markings and day rule on a 1977 SIG P220

German weapon companies made use of the after letters to point proofing schedules:

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