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General and retail trade; maintenance of automobiles and motorcycles

General and retail trade; maintenance of automobiles and motorcycles

Transportation and storage space

Rental and delicacies service activities

Details and correspondence

Economic and insurance policies tasks

Real property strategies

Professional, logical and technical tasks

Management and assistance solution activities

General public administration and protection; compulsory social protection

Real person health and personal jobs activities

Arts, entertainment and adventures

More service strategies

Origin: Slovak Statistical workplace, A truktA?ra priemernej nominA?lnej mesaA?nej mzdy zamestnanca podA?a ekonomickA?ch A?innostA­.

Minimum wages

At least salary was statutory and monthly and hourly wage rates tend to be determined. Based on operate No. 663/2007 in the minimum-wage, as revised, personal partners bargain the degree of the minimum wage. Negotiations normally take place within tripartite financial and public Council. The legal deadline for negotiations is 15 July of the season. When social associates on their own don’t attain an agreement, the Ministry of labor, Social Affairs and families should suggest the degree of minimal salary for the following 12 months. The government takes the proposal from the MPSVR SR under consideration and helps make the choice. The choice is actually posted in a government decree. Minimal salary level enters into impact on 1 January and is good for the entire season. Its effective regarding employees, limbs of markets and parts. Earnings in Slovakia are very lower, therefore the minimum-wage increases almost every seasons. The month-to-month minimum-wage enhanced from a‚¬81.30 in 1993 to a‚¬380 in 2015 also to a‚¬480 in dating in Memphis 2018 a€“ some 10percent raised above the amount prevalent in 2017. In 2020, the monthly minimum-wage had been a‚¬580.

Minimum wages each month (EUR)






Person rates

Youth rates

To find out more in connection with level and growth of minimum wages, kindly see:

Collectively decided cover results

For more detailed information regarding most recent outcomes regarding together decided wages, please read:

Based on the Ideas System on performing ailments (ISPP) released by MPSVR SR and Trexima, s.r.o. Bratislava annually, the following normal increase in nominal earnings comprise assented in collective contracts concluded in the commercial sector: 3.2percent in 2014; 3.5per cent in 2015; 3.6percent in 2016, 4.5% in 2017, 5.7percent in 2018 and 5.9percent in 2022. Based on ISPP, moderate wages enhanced in nearly all groups. In 2022, the best improves are concurred from inside the , HORECA, farming and transfer and storage space. Into the multi-employer collective contracts for workforce within the municipal service and public-service just as 10per cent increase was actually arranged for 2022 and a next 10percent for 2020.

Working opportunity

Working opportunity: a€?Any period during which the individual are working, on employera€™s convenience and performing his tasks or projects, in accordance with national laws and/or practicea€™ (Directive 2003/88/EC). This point shortly summarises regulation and issues regarding employed times, overtime, part-time work as well as operating opportunity freedom in Slovakia.

Doing work times regulation

Performing time is actually managed of the Labour Code, relating to which employed times it’s time whenever a member of staff shall be at convenience of employer, executes efforts and discharges obligations pursuant on occupations agreement. An escape course will be any period that’s not functioning opportunity. For your purposes of identifying the extent of working some time thinking working times, a week shall be seven consecutive times. Doing work amount of time in the program of a day typically cannot go beyond eight hours. The functional period of an adolescent employee(less than 18 yrs old) might not meet or exceed 8 many hours during the course of 1 day. Maximum weekly functioning period of a worker shall be 40 hours. For employees doing work with two shifts really 38.75 time, and staff members employed in three shifts really 37.5 many hours.

Working times try a normal problems in collective negotiating, where weekly performing opportunity guidelines arranged by the Labour Code can be shortened towards workforce in multiemployer collective agreements, and therefore in single-employer or company-level collective contracts at the same time.

For more more information on operating energy (such as yearly leave, statutory and together assented performing times), please consult:

Overtime regulation

Overtime is actually managed by Labour Code. Overtime tasks are jobs carried out by an employee by order on the company or using employeea€™s permission beyond the determined weekly operating times as a result of the predetermined submission of operating time and performed outside the extent associated with the timetable of work changes. An average weekly working period of a worker, like overtime, may well not exceed a couple of days for a period of four straight several months. Regarding a healthcare personnel under additional related rules, in the event the personnel agrees towards given degree of employed energy, the average weekly functioning energy shall perhaps not meet or exceed 56 days. The amount of overtime days in a calendar 12 months is limited to 150 time (or 250 time for healthcare staff members) by purchase regarding the boss in order to 400 many hours overall, like overtime jobs, arranged with the worker. Overtime jobs shall be paid by supplementary money a€“ a wage surcharge comparable to no less than 25percent of this employeea€™s typical profits. Info for overtime efforts are concurred in collective contracts.

Part-time services

Part-time efforts are controlled of the labor Code and applied in specific job contracts. According to the work rule, a manager may agree with a member of staff into the work agreement a shorter regular functioning energy compared to determined common regular performing opportunity. Decreased operating energy doesn’t need to become distributed over all working days. An employee with reduced working times will probably be eligible to wages related on the concurred paid off functioning opportunity. A worker in a work relationship with minimal working times is almost certainly not advantaged nor constrained in comparison to a comparable staff.

Individuals employed part-time in Slovakia and EU27 (per cent of overall job)

Resource: Eurostat labor power study [lfsi_pt_a] a€“ people applied part-time (20 to 64 yrs old) a€“ complete by gender.

In 2020, part-time people represented best 4.5per cent of all Slovak workforce, within the EU27 it actually was 16.6%. The express of part-time business of females is actually, on the lasting, almost two fold than regarding males. The difference is normally associated with the truth that female nevertheless mostly eliminate the household.

Involuntary part-time

Involuntary part-time staff can be defined as those functioning part-time because they cannot pick a full time job.

People utilized in involuntary part-time in Slovakia and EU27 (percent of full part-time job)

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