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Bears Don’t Like Surprises! If you should be walking through bear nation, make your appeal known-especially in which the surface or plant life helps it be hard to discover.

Bears Don’t Like Surprises! If you should be walking through bear nation, make your appeal known-especially in which the surface or plant life helps it be hard to discover.

Create sounds, sing, talk loudly or connect a bell to your prepare. Preferably, vacation with friends. Communities include noisier and simpler for bears to identify. Refrain thick comb. If you cannot, attempt to go because of the wind at the back so that your scent will warn bears of the position. Contrary to popular belief, carries can see very nearly also visitors, but trust their noses a lot more than their attention or ears. Always permit bears understand you’re here.

Bears, like people, need tracks and highway.

You should not create camp near a walk they may incorporate. Detour around places where you will find or smelling carcasses of fish or creatures, or see scavengers congregated. A bear’s foods is indeed there assuming the keep try nearby, it may safeguard the cache aggressively .

Never Group Bears! Promote bears plenty of room. Some Bears are more understanding than the others, but every bear have a “personal space”-the range within which a bear seems endangered. Any time you stray within that area, a bear may react aggressively. When photographing bears, need long lenses; obtaining near for an excellent try could put you inside hazards zone.

Bears are often wanting something you should consume! Bears only have about six months to build up excess fat supplies with regards to their long cold temperatures hibernation. Don’t allow all of them learn man products or trash is a simple dinner. Really both silly and unlawful to supply bears, either deliberately or by making food or rubbish that attracts them.

Make away from your tent. Shop all foods away from your campground. Hang items out-of-reach of bears preferably. If no trees can be found, keep the food in airtight or especially developed bear-proof containers. Keep in mind, pets in addition to their edibles might bring in bears.

Keep a clear camp. Wash your dishes. Stay away from smelly produce like bacon and used fish. Keep edibles smells down your garments. Burn garbage completely in a hot fire and transport from remains. As well as garbage were similarly attractive to a bear so manage these with equivalent care. Burying trash is actually a waste of time. Bears need eager noses and are big diggers.

If a bear draws near while you’re fishing, end fishing.

For those who have a seafood on your own line, do not let it splash. If that’s extremely hard, reduce your line. If a bear finds out it could acquire seafood by simply approaching fishermen, it’ll return for more.


Guns should not be applied as an option to common-sense methods to bear encounters. If you should be inexperienced with a firearm in emergency problems, you might be more prone to feel injured by a gun than a bear. Really unlawful to hold firearms in certain of Alaska’s national parks, therefore check prior to going.

A .300-Magnum rifle or a 12-gauge shotgun with rifled slugs work artillery if you have to shoot a bear. Big handguns including a .44-Magnum is likely to be inadequate in crisis circumstances, especially in untrained fingers.

State law permits a keep to get recorded in self-defense in the event that you did not trigger the combat whenever there is no option, nevertheless the cover and head need to be salvaged and turned over on authorities.

Defensive aerosol aerosols that incorporate capsicum (red pepper plant) were used with many achievement for protection against bears. These sprays is capable of various 6-8 gardens. If released upwind or perhaps in an automobile, they could disable the consumer. Get suitable safety measures. Should you bring a spray can, ensure that it stays useful and know how to make use of it.

In Summary

  • Eliminate unexpected bears at close point; look for signs of bears and also make lots of sounds.
  • Eliminate crowding bears; appreciate their “personal area.”
  • Refrain bringing in bears through poor handling of items or trash.
  • Strategy ahead, stay relaxed, determine your self, never work.

In most cases, bears are not a risk, even so they carry out are entitled to your own value and interest. When traveling in bear nation, hold alert and relish the possible opportunity to read these magnificent pets within environment.

Feminine bears is generally strong defenders regarding younger. Getting between a female and her cubs are a critical error. A lady keep may respond aggressively to the hazard she perceives to their cubs.

For more information about traveling in bear country, kindly communications one of many appropriate firms which took part in book for this pamphlet:

Alaska Division of Seafood & Online Game

Alaska DNR, sections of Forestry and Parks and Outdoor adventures

Alaska office of Public Safety, unit of Fish & animals defense

Alaska Herbal Records Relationship

U.S. Bureau of Land Management

Nationwide Playground Provider

U.S. Seafood & Animals Services

U.S. Forest Services

Image credit: Larry Aumiller, K. Whitten, John Hyde

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